Monday, 20 September 2010

Our perfect wedding day

...and it really was. The sun came out just for us! Everything came together so perfectly with out any stress or worry. Our photographer was amazing and capured the day brilliantly. He totally got the look and style I was after and I am soooooo pleased with all the pics. Find him at

I had such a lovely time planning and styling the whole day, it was the best project I have ever worked on! Our theme was vintage mixed with a garden party/ fete feel. Very relaxed, fun, handmade and crafty. This fitted perfectly with the setting which was a beautiful shabby chic country esate in the depths of the norfolk countryside.

My mood board helped me to collect my colour pallete and ideas....

And it went from the mood board to this....

Our amazing chocolate wedding cake was made for us by our lovely friend Katie and I made the mini Matt and Libby peg dollies to sit on the top. If you are interested in having bespoke cake toppers like these for your wedding, please get in touch as these were so much fun to make!

We used an old suitcase as a place for the guests to kindly leave their cards for us..

We had a sweets table which was such a good idea, the adults loved it as much as the kids and it looked so pretty!

Obviously taste was important with the sweets but I tried to pick ones that looked lovely too! I collected heaps of jars in the build up to the wedding and then tied ribbon and lace around them to pretty them up. These were great for the sweets and also dotted around with candles in.

For the name cards, I kept to the tag theme which I used with the save the date cards. I found a lovely print set and stamped everyones name in gold ink. The girls had pink ribbons and the boys had green along with a button stitched on to the bow..

In the lead up to the wedding I searched charity shops for vintage style cut glass vases and crotchet table clothes. Each table had a selection and the vases were filled with beautiful dahlias in all different pinks. This matched my colour scheme perfectly which was carried out on all my stationery including the table numbers and menus..

To thank everyone for their kind donations to our amazing honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii and San Francisco I made a card in the style of a postcard which showed many of our holiday pics ..

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sneaky peak...

Its nearly here!! I cant believe it! Here is a little sneaky peak of our wedding stationery. Stay tuned for the rest of our wedding loveliness after the day!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wedding Advert

If you live in the Norfolk area keep an eye out for my new advert going into the Norfolk Ceremony magazine. I love weddings!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Michael & Karen

Karen is from Norfolk and Michael is from Scotland so it was important to have something that represented the both of them. We came up with the idea of the Scottish thistle and the English rose intertwined together.

Here were my first ideas..

Karens dress was a vintage style lace dress and so she wanted the designs to have a vintage feel using her colour theme. This is what we came up with for the final design...


Front and back..


These were printed on a folded card size 12 x 17 cm. The evening invitations were the same.


This was printed on a flat A5 sized card.

Name cards..

These were printed on a 6 x 9 cm size folded down the middle. See black line.

Table Names..

Karen and Michael chose to name their tables after places that were special to them. These were printed on a flat card size 12 x 17 cm.

Crispin & Louisa Clover

When I first spoke to Louisa about what she was thinking for her invites she mentioned that she wanted to incorporate a four leaf clover into the design as her future name was to be Clover! Her colour scheme was bright pink and green which was fun and she wanted this to be shown in her stationery. I started of with playing around with some ideas..

This was the final design..

Front and back...


The invitations were printed as a folded card sized 17 x 12 cm.

To match these I also designed...


These were printed on a flat A5 sized card.

Name cards..

These were 9 x 6 cm and folded ( see black line)

Thank you cards...



The Thank you cards were printed as a flat postcard.

I also designed the table plan and an insert for the invitations that included directions ect.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Rachel and Joel

Rachels beautiful wedding dress had a lovely stitch detail that represented a swirl which went across the front of her dress. She really wanted this theme to run through to her wedding stationery. We worked closely together to create this design which fitted not only with her wedding dress but also her whole colour scheme and bridesmaid dresses too.

The invitations were printed as a folded card with details from the front design flowing through to the inside of the card.